Anil likes surprises. And what better opportunity than to propose to Anna on our anniversary at the very place we met. She was delighted to receive such thoughtful anniversary presents such as breakfast at her favorite place, Tiny Boxwoods, and a scrapbook of our first year together (ticket stubs stealthily saved by Anil since the beginning!). Little did she know there was more to come. Under the guise of visiting an art gallery, he took her to Peveto art gallery, the site of their first meeting at the Jimmy's Oscar party. She wandered around looking at the artwork, completely oblivious to the ring on a pedestal in the center of the room presented as a piece of art. 

When he started to reach for the ring inside the glass case, Anna's first thought was, "He's really not supposed to touch the art." But when he got down on one knee, she finally realized this was more than the typical anniversary date. Anil asked Anna to marry him.