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Day 8
3 hours, 320 nm, 28 gallons, 12,500 feet en route

KTVC (Traver City) to KSTP (St Paul - Signature FBO)
300 nm, 3 hours, 28 gallons

A wall of heavy precipitation and IFR weather on Lake Michigan with tops at 12,000 (which were reported to be 4,500) which we crossed at 12,500.


Why we chose this stop
I grew up in MN, and in the summer, MN is one of the most beautiful places in the country.  That's true for the fall, and also depends about how you feel about winter.  The Superbowl will be here next year; it's going to be fun, though we did miss it when it came to Houston last year.

Landing at STP is a great location, the Signature FBO helped us find a car on short notice, and we we made it into the city in no time. We were told that at some of the other airports nearby it was harder to  get a rental. We were even able to run around Lake Nokomis before meeting up with my stepdad.

Eats and Sleeps
There are so many places to eat in this city.  We chose Cosetta's and Al's breakfast.
Hotels Tonight did the trick to stay downtown at the Radisson, started by MN's own Curt Carlson.

The flight over Wisconsin into STP was amazing, the ground covered with gorgeous farms, trees, and lakes.  Coming into STP, the twin cities were clearly visible with both skylines lining up ahead.

Had to stop by my old house 4206 Longfellow Ave, South Minneapolis