Day 7


KMCD (Mackinac Island, MI) 83D (St. Ignace, MI) KTVC (Traverse City, MI)

Our great fortune thus far turned a bit today, as we finally got hit by a bout of storms. A long and large strings of thunderstorms rolling in between us and our desired destination, Minneapolis, presented a new challenge and prevented us from going very far west today. 

The famous Mackinac Bridge as we flew by on our way to Traverse City

The famous Mackinac Bridge as we flew by on our way to Traverse City

Why we chose this stop
Knowing we wouldn't make it all the way today, we sought to get as close to our next destination of Minneapolis as possible. We first tried to head north from KMCD, but quickly encountered lower than projected cloud bottoms, so we stopped for lunch right across the lake at St. Ignace and allowed ourselves the time to reassess the map and weather patterns. We then decided to head south back through the lower peninsula. We projected we could reach Traverse City well in advance of the storm, and Traverse City came highly recommended. A city of orchards (it's the Cherry Capital of the world), with sand dunes nearby and perched right on Lake Michigan, the combination of it all intrigued us. In addition, the FBO was highly recommended as a friendly place to stop. In the end, we encountered far more than we even hoped for in the city. 

Both 83D, in St. Ignace, and KTVC were very friendly. At 83D, they kindly let us borrow their green 1984 Oldsmobile so we could grab lunch. 

While the weather was not ideal and our planned route became one day delayed, it ultimately opened up a new adventure in a beautiful place that we wouldn't have experienced otherwise.  

Eats and Sleeps

We stayed this evening as the only guests at a nice bed and breakfast called a Breath of Heaven. The owner, Scott, was a US Marine chaplain, and it was a joy to get to know him.


  • A lovely evening listening to the rain while sitting on the back porch of Scott's home and watching the clouds roll by. 
  • Cherry Capital!  We could have enjoyed cherries in this place for days. From the cherry sauce on my fish to the fresh cherries at breakfast, we were amazed by the many creative ways the fresh fruit here could be enjoyed and could have spent days exploring the orchards.