Day 14


KAVX KSMO (Santa Monica)
40 nm, 30 minutes, 5 gallons

Weather and Terrain 

Both Catalina and coastal LA weather is cloudy in the morning which invariably clears up by noon.  Our stay at both places was no exception.  ATC routed us directly from Catalina to the shore which took about 15 minutes over water, then over to SMO via the Special Flight Rules (make sure you downloaded that chart on Foreflight). 

Why we chose this stop 

We wanted to visit my sister and her two beautiful children in the Santa Monica/West Adams area so we chose SMO.  There are certainly cheaper FBOs and landing fees in the area by far but this is a pretty cool airport.  There is even a documentary about it on Netflix.  It was good to refuel from the Catalina out and back before doing a long leg. 

Smooth and not-so-smooth 

It was a short flight so there wasn't many hurdles.  It was important to reserve the shuttle from Avalon to AVX ahead of time and have those LA charts planned and ready to go for a busy ATC. 

Eats and Sleeps 


We stayed with family and there are a ton of fantastic places to eat in Santa Monica but Rose Restaurant just off of Main st is a sure winner.


  • Beautiful California summer weather.
  • Endless restaurants and more beach.
  • priceless time with family