Day 4

Route KAVL (Asheville,  NC) KVVS (Joseph Hardy, Connellsville, PA)
2.5 hours, 300 nm, 20 gallons

VFR with lots of cloud surfing at 7000 feet, making for beautiful green, rolling hills below.

Why we chose this stop
We decided not to go to Plymouth, as it would make the flight legs too long. This change in flight plan would give us more time to spend at our destination.  We searched for good airports between Asheville and Mackinac. Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater came up as an option, reached via a short drive from nearby Joseph Hardy Airport in Connellsville, PA. Also, Mamouth Caves sounded exotic and appealing in KY (there was a nearby Bowling Green Airport). As Anil had long been interested in seeing Fallingwater, it ultimately won out as our next stop. 

KVVS is a fantastic airport, primarily because of the people who work and hang out there. Bud, the airport manager, walked right out to greet us when we landed and helped us arrange a car, gave us local travel advice, and shared quite a few stories with us.  I don't think I have ever had a better experience or a more helpful person at an airport. He even loaned us a car overnight so we could make it to Fallingwater & our AirB&B. There is an Enterprise rental car company in town, but it is tricky to arrange pick-up/drop-off.

AirB&B on the fly turned up many farm houses in which you could spend the night in the Connellsville area.
We quickly realized upon arrival in the area that transportation via Uber would not have worked so we're glad and extra thankful to the FBO for our ride.


Eats and Sleeps
On the fly AirB&B was definitely the way to go in this area with a lot of available options that could be reached by a 30 min car ride. We ended up selecting a small farmhouse positioned within a 52-acre  organic farm nestled in the Laurel Mountains. The grounds offered lots of area for walking and exploring; we even stumbled upon a pond and some benches at an overlook from which we watched the sunset. After eating out the past few nights we decided to buy a few groceries at the local store Santarelli's and cook pasta with their homemade sauce for dinner and asparagus for breakfast (Anil's idea). There was also local honey, local syrup, and produce there.


  • Meeting all the RV fliers at KVVS including Bud and Myron.
  • Experiencing Fallingwater. We gained a new level of appreciation for this architectural masterpiece. The way nature has been interwoven into this meticulously planned structure was remarkable, and we were both really glad to have seen it in person.