Day 1 (July 28th 2017 Friday)

KEFD (Ellington Field, Houston) KHBG (Hattisburg, Mississippi) KSAV (Savannah, Georgia)

740 nm, 5 hours, 50 gallons

Very, very hot, but clear skies all the way.  Turbulence and haze @ Georgia

Why we chose this stop
We both had always wanted to see Savannah.  It was also on the eastern seaboard so it was a good place to start and enabled us to see the Atlantic Ocean on this jeant around America.  There were also a few amazing airports, including SAV and Hilton Head, which drew us in. Finally, the historical and cultural appeal grabbed us - America's first planned city?!

Hattisburg was a great stop midway between EFD and SAV.
Defintely forgot our canopy cover for a rainy day tie-down

Eats and Sleeps
We stayed in a beautiful AirB&B on one of the many islands of Savannah. Close by were a look out tower, waterways, and so much greenery it was hard to believe. On top of that, it was close to the historic downtown part of Savannah, so offered the best of both worlds. Phillip, the co-owner of the AirB&B, was also an Uber driver, so he kindly picked us up at KSAV's Sheltair FBO, dropped us downtown, and took us back to the airport the next day.  As for food and speaking of downtown, at the suggestion of some new friends we made while watching the sunset on the island, we visited The Bohemian, a bites & bar local situated on the top floor of one of downtown Savannah's beautiful buildings. From its balconies, you could watch the ships roll in to town. It was a good place to see the city and from which we explored downtown on foot. 


  • On the island called the landings, at the coast, near the water, there is an area of docks where the sunset crept over the water. A few smart people enjoyed a late night picnic on the second story terrace.  We weren't so smart as to bring a picnic but the view was spectacular!
  • Meeting and getting to know our AirB&B hosts, Phillip and Beverly. They went above and beyond to help us get to see some beautiful sides of Savannah. Beyond that, through the course of our car rides and over coffee & breakfast in the morning, we enjoyed great conversation and a new friendship.