Hello.  Thanks for reading our blog.  Having recently gotten married, we decided to fly across America in an experimental Van's RV-6A, with 50 pounds of luggage and 2 weeks of vacation.  We expect bad weather, a few delays, some unforeseen challenges, and a whole lot of adventure.  After an online search for possible ideas, we found many beautiful airports but few past examples of a circuitous US flight route.  I'm sure many people have done this but we wanted to share our particular adventure in case you are interested in something similar or if you are one of our family members who is slightly worried about us (wink wink Laura). 

Our planned route, to be traveled over the course of 16 days or less, is below. We'll leave Houston and travel east first. The flight plan is subject to change based on weather, time, new curiosities, and the like. That's part of what we love about flying.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.
— Amelia Earhart